10 Reasons to Thank Your Customers

I’ve been basking in gratitude this week for all that I have, including the people in my life, and in my business.  I feel so blessed to have great clients.

Yesterday I had a request from an international journal to re-run an article that I’d written for them years ago, because they feel it’s still so relevant to success. It too is about gratitude, specifically by thanking customers.  Although it’s written for a certain industry, it’s relevant to all.

Here’s the article download.  Read, do, and be rich in stronger more profitable relationships.




Relationship Marketing

I’ve always said that when two people WANT to do business together the details don’t stand in the way.  Businesses of all sizes rely on relationships with their prospects and existing customers to prosper.  If you think that you have a good relationship with customers just because you’ve done business in the past, think again.  The good news is that you can retain and grow your existing customer base with relationship marketing.

What is Relationship Marketing?

According to, relationship marketing is “marketing activities that are aimed at developing and managing trusting and long-term relationships with larger customers”, and I’d like to add, smaller customers too.  I’ve tested relationship marketing out for years, and it’s been my golden ticket.

Here’s an example of no relationship – no future business.  In the mid 90’s I bought a home.  I spent hundred’s of thousands of dollars through my agent, and he and I were pretty close during the transaction.  Three years later it was time to sell, and I couldn’t even remember his name, or brokerage.  So I called another agent to help me list and sell.  No relationship, no future business for him.  Had he stayed in touch, or created a lasting impression, he’s of had my future business, but I couldn’t even remember him.

If you’re a business owner or professional, you want to make sure people remember you in a good way, so that you’ll be the first one they think of when they’re ready to buy again, or they have the opportunity to refer clients to you.

It’s All About Relationships

To help with this concept, I’m hosting a complimentary two hour lunch and learn to demonstrate how to keep costs down and existing customer engagement up.  You will gain tips to increase referrals by 30% in the next 90 days, and have past customers remember and rave about your service.  Learn secrets of the top 3% in your industry and strategies to improve and secure profitable relationships for your business.

The session is complimentary but only limited seats are available, the purchase of lunch is required, and you must register at this link.  Register One or More Guests

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We’re already half full, so register and commit to learning a few tips that will ensure best relationship marketing practices.

Here’s to bigger and better business!



Do you want Customers or Clients?

The definition of a client is “one who is under the protection of another.
Which would you rather have, customers or clients? Clients come back for repeat business, customers buy once and are done.
The key to building your relationships with your clients is in follow up and knowing the best way to follow up.
Do you ever wonder what to say when you follow up with a prospect or customer?  You can never go wrong with showing your appreciation and gratitude on a regular basis.  Appreciation and gratitude win over self-promotion.
This is what I call ‘spiritual marketing’.  You are feeding the spirit of others, not self promoting yourself.  To your potential client, it is not about you! It is about them. They only want to know that you will take care of them, and that their business is not going to be taken for granted.
In fact, the top two reasons why clients leave someone and do business with someone else is because they feel you took their business for granted or they forgot about you.
Remember that the Fortune is in the Follow Up!  Turn your prospects and customers into life-time clients.

Referrals are Gold

In today’s economy, referrals are gold. I have been working with a system that is bringing me amazing results. You may have a use for it personally, for your business, or both.
The timing of this information is perfect for you , because the holidays are just around the corner, and staying in touch with people is important for success. Whether you are staying in touch with lapsed customers, or you are reaching out to existing customers or prospects, people need to know that you care about them as people first. When customers know, like and trust you, you have their business. I have always said, that when two people want to do business together, the details don’t stand in the way.
Next Tuesday, November 3rd I will be hosting a free webinar for you to join me while interviewing a referral marketing expert, Laurie Hayes who has introduced and taught me how to use this system to mine quality referrals and stay in touch with customers.
Complimentary Webinar
November 3rd at 11:00am, EST.
Here’s the registration link
All are welcome to register.
This month’s edition of Success magazine has a quote from the legendary Harvey Mackay, “People don’t care how much you know, once they know how much you care.”
Looking forward to having you join our webinar. Have a super week.