Create Action Plans Aligned with Your Vision

It’s that time of year … for planning, and creating action plans for success.


Are you planning to have a year better than the last one?  By how much? Do you have specific goals, written, with time frames for completion and benchmarks to know that you’re on course?

Plans without actions are just dreams.  Dreams and big thoughts for success are very lucrative tools, but on their own they’re just plans.  Action is where the rubber meets the road, and personally, I need a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plan to stay focused, disciplined, and on track!

My own annual plan got done this month.  It’s so gratifying and returning very high results already!  Here are my 4 magic steps:

  1. Look back at Last year’s wins,
  2. Expand on your vision for the future
  3. List actions required to achieve this by quarter
  4. And Establish a rhythm to review

Revisiting the plan to refine it and stay on course will bring those dreams to reality.  You may even want to make shifts or course corrections along the way.

You’ll benefit with a solid, steady, consistent plan to ensure the important actions are getting done, and clear your mind.  You’ll feel confident knowing that everything will get done when it’s time comes up on the schedule. Enthusiasm on a schedule … wow, that’s reassuring.

Plan, then take action on that plan!  … and implement a rhythm to revisit, refine and repeat.  Contact me for my strategic plan template.  I’m committed to helping you bring your dreams to reality with ACTION!

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