healing for moms and children

Healing of Mothers and Children

The bond of love between a mother and child is unbreakable at a soul level. Our job as Mother’s is to love our children. It is not their job to love us back.

stressed about co-workers

Are You Sleeping With Your Co-Workers?

Are You Sleeping With Your Co-Workers? Sounds like a crazy question, but conflict with co-workers often have a way of creeping into other aspects of our personal and professional lives. We think about the conflicts while we’re on the job, stuck in traffic and resting at home, and the next thing you know, the disruptive […]

Preparing Your Elevator Speech

You’re at a networking event—or the grocery store or a conference—and you bump into a prospect.  After you exchange pleasant greetings and business cards, your prospect asks you about your business.  You open your mouth to answer, but your mind races, thinking “If I’ve only got seconds to respond, where on earth do I start?” […]

honouring ourselves through misalignment

Speed Wobbles

We honour ourselves by considering our needs before the needs of others, especially when we’re wobbling—a sign that we’re out of alignment. We need to focus our concern on our own need to heal, balance or realign, and not concern ourselves about what others think.

The Key to staying Committed

I once heard a great statement from the CEO of the Union of Ontario Indians.  While speaking to his team about staying committed he said, “If I’m not doing my job, please let me know, but don’t let it stop you from doing your job.”  I will always remember this piece of wisdom, and I’ve […]

commitment to self and others

The Key to Staying Committed

Commitment is continuing to do what you’ve said you’d do, long after the feeling you had when you made the commitment has gone. Commitment is not a feeling. It’s a decision!

Be the Gift of Tolerance

Be the Gift this year. Be tolerant of others. Be the one who can mingle in family time without judgment. Accept people for who they are, or who they are not.

dealing with rejection

Rejection is a Great Gift

Learn how to turn rejection into your best gift. Make what you want more prevalent in your mind than how you feel at the time of rejection or loss. Rejection hits our emotions first, and hard, but there’s many ways to see it and it’s within your power to choose a favorable response.

Just Ask

The other day I sat in a circle discussion led by my partner Matt Thorpe, addressing a group of youth at the Atikokan Native Friendship Centre, on the topic of  alcohol and drugs and the road of substance abuse, crime and violence versus the alternative; sobriety and living honestly at the top of your game. […]

Alcoholism Hurts Families

Perhaps a more personal topic than I usually write, this one is too close to home having just attended the funeral of my partner’s 31 year old nephew, and knowing the story of alcoholism that took over his better judgment. I’m struggling with why not to write this, why not help other families, why not […]