Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR services are rooted in the desire to reconcile relationships to harmony and efficiency. ADR repairs social relationships and resolves conflicts by encouraging parties to comply. ADR is beneficial by maintaining relationships, rather than legally determining right or wrong. Services reduce conflict in the organization or community, and bring better relationships to the members with problem solving facilitation and leadership skill development for moving forward.

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Our alternative dispute resolution services and mediation processes include:

  • Reaching an agreement to mediate / resolve
  • Establishing parties’ responsibilities
  • Supporting each party’s autonomy while encouraging mutuality
  • Understanding each party’s point of view while remaining neutral
  • Dealing with conflict with effective communication skills
  • Using insight skills to create breakthroughs
  • Integrating the law where appropriate
  • Developing options that address differing needs and interests
  • Sharing or teaching effective relationship strategies
  • Building an agreement between the parties
  • Recommending actions for moving forward

Our mediation and ADR services are more cost effective and can make difficult situations much better than using a formal grievance process or the mainstream legal system. Mediation encourages every individual to be heard, relationships to be strengthened, and communities to grow.

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