Business Passion Affects Marriage

Business Affecting Your Marriage?

As businesswomen, we may feel that we have to make a choice between our love for our marriages and families and the passion that fuels our entrepreneurial spirits!

What makes this business dilemma more difficult for women than men goes back thousands of years, but times are changing, and so are the needs of both partners.

You can have all the love and passion that you want with the strategy revealed in a short interview with Teresa Ball, a vibrant and loving entrepreneur, wife and mom to many.

Our balance sheet isn’t always defined by the numbers on a ledger. As an entrepreneur, Teresa has a great lesson for all women—especially those feeling challenged by their spouses—about the businesses they’re in love with.

I met Teresa at a large convention in Salt Lake City when she purchased my book, Give and Be Rich. Her story of love and passion brought tears to my eyes, and I knew it needed to be shared, and shared by those I shared it with, and those they shared it with, and so on.

There are many women who deal with unsupportive spouses and families that feel ignored or less important than the businesses that their moms are so passionate about.

Many of these women’s spouses feel burdened by changes in their day-to-day responsibilities, threatened by a partner who travels or meets with the opposite sex, or insecure about having a significant other become more successful than them.

It seems that as we are building or expanding our businesses, the relationships in our lives shift. It can be a difficult time as you try to protect your passion for your business and stand up for who you are and what you do, while butting heads with some of the fears and insecurities that drive typical family bonds.

This is a dangerous zone to be moving through. With good communication and lots of extra ‘action’, you’ll be able to have your love and your passion on a whole new level.

Listen to find out how Teresa Ball from Rossville, Georgia and her husband, Paul, worked through it.

Give and Be Rich in Love and Passion, business passion affects marriage but working together at it, you can have it all!

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