Gratitude is Becoming a Thing of the Past

According to a full page article in my local newspaper this past weekend, Generation Y professionals are not seeing the value in saying Thank You. I strongly disagree, call me Generation O (older yet wiser to a few facts about gratitude and business success) that there is huge payoff in traditional notes of gratitude, business thank you cards, and greeting cards to reach business contacts on a human side.
I recall doing a huge favour for a university student, only to receive a 6 letter text that read “thanks”. Unacceptable to me, and have since taken interest in the etiquette of gratitude. Text messaging is the least formal way to send a message and should be reserved for the close friends in gratitude of something minor. Even close friends deserve a more formal gesture of thanks when they have done something extraordinary for someone.
Facebook is more public, therefore the recognition can be read by others. Not a bad strategy for the younger population who take the time to comb through wall posts. Email is easy, and can be appreciated by the recipient, however, a physical greeting card or hand written note of appreciation are great ways to show someone that you are thankful. The supreme method of communication is face to face, or a phone call. Include specifically what you appreciate, and mail it out or make the call within a week of receiving the gift or gesture.
It’s the season of Thanksgiving . An attitude of gratitude and communicating our respect for others builds better relationships, and success in life is very much about strong and positive relationships.