Presents or Presence?

As the calendar year ends, we enter the holy season—the holidays—and magically begin to open ourselves to more giving and receiving.  When I stop to think about the gifts that mean the most to people, I think of connection, wisdom, acceptance, understanding, compassion and love.

The other day I was running my fingers through my daughter’s long hair while she laid beside me.  In that precious moment, I realized that having my children close to me is my greatest gift. … Hearing their voices come in the door, …watching my dog whine crazily for them when they walk in and having them present with me, is the greatest gift I could ask for.

You too are valuable.  Be the present that others need.

In your workplace – Can you be more tolerant, more disciplined, more patient or more engaged?

At home?  Can you be more emotionally available? More open minded? Can you listen deeper, and seek to understand?

Think about who you’re a gift to at this very moment in your life, and what is it that these people need and want from you.  The answers to these questions are precisely where your presence makes all the difference in your world.  This is where you are the hope, the miracle, the blessing and the love to those who need you the most.

So this season, don’t look for the gift; be the gift.

Don’t look for the light to shine on you; be the light.

Don’t look for the love; be the love.

Rather than looking for the blessing, be the blessing.

Don’t ask for hope; be the hope.

Don’t expect the miracle; be the miracle.

Give your pure presence to others.  There is no better gift.  Life is short, and relationships are everything!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays,

inspirational speaker, self help author


Be the Gift of Tolerance

Being among family can be more demanding of our emotional capacity than anything else.  You can choose your friends, but family is chosen for us, and the bond runs deep whether relations are good or not good. Tolerance is an asset.

Be the Gift this year.  Be tolerant of others.  Be the one who can mingle in family time without judgment.  Accept people for who they are, or who they are not.

Be aware of your intolerant thoughts  about people, places or things.  If thoughts of resentment, jealousy, judgment or self pity back come up, redirect them back toward your own peace as if they are light beams that are yours, and being chosen to keep for their brilliant energy.  Call it back to you, and convert it to light, bright goodness so that it can be medicine for your own mind, body and spirit.

Other people’s issues aren’t our problem to solve.  They’ve got their own struggles and we have ours.  If we were supposed to be dealing with their struggles, it would feel right.  But it feels off, which is our internal guidance system telling us to focus elsewhere.

This is a very short Holiday greeting, because I know you’re busy and heading into the most intensive seasons of the year.  A time when you’ll be with family, and those that matter most to you, and for some, a time when you can only wish you could be with someone special who isn’t there.  Be Tolerant – and Be Rich in peace, love and joy.




Lately I’ve been feeling ‘less than’.
Less than I’ve been in the past,
Less than I’ve been to my kids,
Less than I’ve been in self-motivation,
Just plain ‘less than’.

In reflection and prayer of this place of ‘less than’, I’ve labeled it with feeling ‘insignificance’. But why? (I’m always asking myself and my peers the deeper questions.) Why am I feeling insignificant?

Is it because I’ve reached a peak in my career and there’s no more?
Is it because my two beautiful teen-aged kids don’t need me like they used to?
Is it because I’ve met a man who shares the love with me that I’ve always wanted?
Is it because I’ve become so comfortable with who I’ve shifted into that I’m not motivated to keep on shifting?

As I look back on the past year, I’ve made some life changing decisions. These decisions have taken me out of ‘story’. The ‘story’ that has run in me for so many years was complex. My story read like this … I’m not enough. I’m not lovable. Love is painful. I cannot trust. People don’t have time for me. etc.

The decisions I’ve made recently have forced me to shift my thinking because I’ve intended to, and because there’s been so much evidence against my past thinking that I’ve just kept on receiving, like a buffet of the opposite of my story, where I’ve eaten and devoured it all because my soul has been starving for it for so long and now the Universe has provided it, and I’ve learned how to receive the unlimited abundance.

So why am I feeling insignificant? Instead of full and beaming with goodness? Because I’m just learning how to ‘BE’ without my story.

Who am I without my story? I am just in a place of empty and meaningless trying to figure that out. It’s like I have a huge white canvass, and I can paint whatever I want, but I think I don’t know what to paint, or how to paint, or what colour, or how to hold the brush, or how it should look in the end.

So I’m floating in nothingness right now, just being where I am each and every day. When I do show up to write, speak, teach, parent or love, the result is more meaningful and magnificent than it’s ever been.

I prayed for an answer to why I feel insignificant yesterday, on the top floor of our beautiful apartment overlooking the Coral Sea on Hamilton Island, Australia. The message came quickly and clearly. “It’s in your insignificance, that you’ll find huge significance”. With this inspiration, I feel like my life is right on schedule, and I’m going to keep on moving forward, being someone new, without my old story.