10 Reasons to Thank Your Customers

I’ve been basking in gratitude this week for all that I have, including the people in my life, and in my business.  I feel so blessed to have great clients.

Yesterday I had a request from an international journal to re-run an article that I’d written for them years ago, because they feel it’s still so relevant to success. It too is about gratitude, specifically by thanking customers.  Although it’s written for a certain industry, it’s relevant to all.

Here’s the article download.  Read, do, and be rich in stronger more profitable relationships.




What does International Women’s Day mean for you?

March 8th every year is International Women’s Day, where the focus ranges from generalities of respect, love and appreciation to social, economical and political advancement of women.  What does this mean for YOU?

Gentlemen, today is another day like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day where you can make a special effort to show the women in your life how grateful you are for them.  As well, in the workplace, you can honor the special skill set that women bring.  Consider these points:
•    Women are more intuitive and bring in all points of view, which allows for more collaboration and ultimately, win/win situations: an essential skill in today’s complex working environment.
•    Values are more empathic from a woman’s perspective, especially when conflicts between work and life appear, women tend to be more supportive.
•    Fostering a stronger support system, women tend to be solid networkers who help each other out, assist and support more than men do.

One of the most prevalent weaknesses of women in the workplace is their lack of confidence in their ability.  Gentlemen, here lies your opportunity to leverage the woman power in your life and your workplace.  Compliment them with genuine examples of how their intuition, values or support makes your world a better place.  Be specific with your examples, and celebrate with them.  By doing this, you will be tapping in your own feminine energy, which is an important balance to your masculine self.

Ladies, today is the day to reflect on the special women in your life who have helped you get to where you are today.  Reach out and verbally share your gratitude.  In prayer, in words, in a hand written note, a card, an email, text, blog post, facebook post,  twitter feed … Honor the amazing acts of feminine heroism that has been the wind beneath your wings, and also, honor yourself.

I will never forget the words of my baby nurse, Anne Smith when I delivered my first child.  “Isn’t it amazing how giving birth changes who we are as women?”  From that moment onward, day after day, my feelings of being a woman have grown stronger.

To my Mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, sister-in-laws, nieces, daughters, colleagues, coaches, energy healers, mid-wife, nurses and audience … thank you.  I wouldn’t even be one tenth of who I am today without your love, lessons and support.

Happy Women’s Day!!

a)    Our Canadian theme for IWD, 2013 is Working Together: Engaging Men to End Violence against Women 
b)    My charity of choice is the Nipissing Transition House.  Donations are appreciated.  Read more about how you can help.
c)    More research and video from



Seeding positive thoughts …

January 7th

If you plant carrot seeds, what do you get? … carrots.

If you plant bean seeds, what do you get?  beans.

What seeds are you planting in your mind?  Are they the seeds that you expect to have sprouting up in your reality?

I am grateful to be in attendance at the MLM Blueprint Workshop in Salt Lake City, founded and led by CEO of SendOutCards.  We are on our way to becoming a billion dollar house-hold name.

Jack Canfield taught me that you can’t stick your hand in a bucket of glue without some sticking on.  Meaning when you expose yourself to motivational experiences or information, some of it sticks. The greatest thing about being here, is sitting with my 11 year old daughter, who is listening and learning about multi-level marketing, with a crowd of 2300 other people.  There may be one other child her age here.  Most are adults, who have recognized the value of personal development.

Why do we wait until adulthood to invest in ourselves?  Why don’t we bring personal development into the lives of children?  I am sitting here asking myself these questions.

I believe that there is nothing we cannot accomplish with a positive mindset.  The world is full of negativity.  We stay plugged into positive energy by exposing ourselves to the right things everyday.  Its so easy to do, and its also so easy not to do.  Our imagination, beliefs and habits are formed by our thoughts.   It’s critical that you guard with your life what your mind is exposed to.

Feed your mind the fuel that will propel you to achieve the lifestyle that you desire.

Wishing you prosperity, health and happiness in 2012, … Penny

Gratitude is Becoming a Thing of the Past

According to a full page article in my local newspaper this past weekend, Generation Y professionals are not seeing the value in saying Thank You. I strongly disagree, call me Generation O (older yet wiser to a few facts about gratitude and business success) that there is huge payoff in traditional notes of gratitude, business thank you cards, and greeting cards to reach business contacts on a human side.
I recall doing a huge favour for a university student, only to receive a 6 letter text that read “thanks”. Unacceptable to me, and have since taken interest in the etiquette of gratitude. Text messaging is the least formal way to send a message and should be reserved for the close friends in gratitude of something minor. Even close friends deserve a more formal gesture of thanks when they have done something extraordinary for someone.
Facebook is more public, therefore the recognition can be read by others. Not a bad strategy for the younger population who take the time to comb through wall posts. Email is easy, and can be appreciated by the recipient, however, a physical greeting card or hand written note of appreciation are great ways to show someone that you are thankful. The supreme method of communication is face to face, or a phone call. Include specifically what you appreciate, and mail it out or make the call within a week of receiving the gift or gesture.
It’s the season of Thanksgiving . An attitude of gratitude and communicating our respect for others builds better relationships, and success in life is very much about strong and positive relationships.