strategic plan facilitation northern ontarioStrategic Planning

Businesses and organizations need a Strategic Plan to guide them through the wide range of possibilities and reign in their employees to align with one main focus.

Often made for several years, but separate from the Business Plan, the Strategic Plan helps us to refer back to the original plans, because a lot can happen in the business during the year(s).  We can add products, services, or have to shift with the people that come and go.

Good strategy means both having a long range plan and milestones along the way to ensure that you get there.  It should be an annual pleasure, however, we realize that in order for you to make it pleasurable, you’ll likely need a skilled facilitator to guide you through the process, and to create your final report.

My Strategic Planning facilitation is getting lots of attention and referrals. Thank you for your trust in me. I go through the same process with my clients as do for my self.

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* On a personal note, my Vision Card Activity is available for download.  If all people had their own personal plan, we could move forward with ease and grace.