Workplace Relationships

Improve Workplace Relationships & Customer Loyalty with Productive and Respectful Communication

Relationships are key to success in any business or career. Communication either builds relations, or it breaks them. Lack of communication training is a problem in the workplace. People are hired for their technical skills, yet fired or stuck in dead-end positions because of their inability to get along with people. Respectful Communication in the workplace builds leaders on all levels. Successful organizations need all employees to think like leaders in order to be competitive and grow.

Suitable for everyone, employees, front line workers, and customer service representatives, health care professionals, managers and senior managers; the entire team is enthusiastic about working with the information and insight gained.

Available in seminar, workshop or keynote format, customized to suit your audience and time frame. Download Workplace Relationships brochure for more information.

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“Penny provided exceptional training to our office staff that inspired and energized my team. She worked on personalizing the sessions and was flexible to work on our complex scheduling needs. She held a very high level of integrity with regards to the quality of product she provided and even returned to offer an additional session when several staff missed out due to a scheduling conflict. She is sincere, hard working and provides an excellent experience. I highly recommend you use her for your next staff training session, she was fantastic.”  – Jeff Sampson – Area Manager, Bayshore Home Health.

NEW Assertiveness and Confrontation Skills for Leaders: Stop Avoiding Conflict!

Workplace conflict doesn’t just go away. It festers, becomes bigger than the original cause, and when  ignored, a culture of resentment, anger and frustration breeds, resulting in poor moral, low productivity, staff turnover and the possibility of violence.  Why do leaders let this happen? They just simply don’t have the tools to manage conflict effectively.  Defuse conflict effectively and return to productive relationships now by bringing this seminar to your team.

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Team Building

One of the most common requests that we receive is for ‘Team Building’.  Under the need for team building, is usually one of two things.  Either some fun interactive learning, or some deeper conversation creating connection and cohesion. Find out which team building is right for you.

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