People are hired for their technical skills but stuck at career advancement due to their limited people skills.  Increase performance, productivity and personal satisfaction with mentoring / coaching with Penny Tremblay.  Start today, and reach that next milestone.

Professional Development Coaching / Mentoring

Leadership is a collection of learned skills. Bridge skills required for promotion, successful role transitions or individual capacity development. Organizational change requires high performing leaders. Good people are worth mentoring. Develop skills in the following areas:

  • Personal responsibility and accountability
  • Goal setting and inspiration discovery
  • Finding balance (effectiveness beyond time, productivity, self renewal)
  • Communication (forming positive messages, delivery with impact, critical conversations, business writing, giving and receiving effective feedback, effective meeting management, social media and online etiquette)
  • Assertiveness and confrontational skills (for managers and supervisors or staff)
  • Confidence with conflict situations
  • Relationship strategies (for team and client satisfaction and retention)
  • Maintaining integrity and authenticity

Sessions can be held by phone or in person. Contact me with specific needs.

Workplace / Business Relationships Coaching

Relationships are key to success in any business. Refined and polished communication and leadership skills are an asset to any employee, organization, business or team. Mentorship with Penny will empower knowledge and confidence needed to build positive rapport and strong workplace relations. Create win/win opportunities for individuals and their organizations. Learn concepts of:

  • Leading Ourselves (The first step toward better relationships is mastering the one we have with ourselves. Coaching on this platform encourages participants to take personal responsibility, design their life, and incorporate a balance of work and personal life.)
  • Relating to Others (Understand different personality styles – Which one are you? Who are your colleagues? Leverage the power of listening, develop positive and productive communication techniques, harness the power of praise, recognition and acknowledgement)

Sessions can be held by phone or in person. Contact me with specific needs.

Private MentoringPrivate Mentoring Resort Style

5 Days of Private Resort Session – Become your personal best for a lifetime!

A lakeside setting, surrounded by the natural world, the Peace Lodge & Development Centre accommodates those willing to create something new with authentic conversations.  Each person attending comes with a unique need, for which mentoring programs are custom designed and delivered.