Assertiveness and Confrontation Skills for Leaders: Stop Avoiding!

Defuse Conflict Effectively and Return to Productive Relationships

Workplace conflict doesn’t just go away.  It festers.  It becomes bigger than the original cause, and when it’s ignored by supervisors and managers, a culture of resentment, anger and frustration breeds, resulting in poor moral, low productivity, staff turnover and the possibility of violence.

Why do leaders let this happen?  Lack of manager training. They just simply don’t have the tools to manage conflict effectively, so they avoid it altogether, which has a negative impact on the organization, and the long term careers of the leaders themselves.  For any manager, supervisor or leader, the ability to confront problems and handle conflict is not optional.

Bring these must-have skills to your team and create confident, conflict resolving, cohesive leaders.

  • Learn about the different stages of mild conflict to fierce arguments.
  • Discover different management styles for conflict and match them with the correct situations.
  • Shift your perspective from ‘getting penalized’ to ‘opportunity to learn’ when confronting issues
  • Separate emotions from issues, even amongst the hottest temperaments.
  • Learn what not to do while in conflict negotiation.
  • Psyche yourself up for ‘the talk’ with a confident and fair approach.

Available in full day seminar or half day workshop format, customized to suit your audience and time frame.


“Our team arrived this morning energized and lighter.  They can’t stop talking about how great the session was and how much they learned about themselves.” T. Snarr,  Mattawa-Ottawa River Valley Park Cluster