Work/Life Balance

Have you ever asked yourself “How can I balance my life when I’m so busy living it?” Experts on the subject of ‘Time Management’ and ‘Putting First Things First’, Dr. Stephen Covey and Roger Merrill share some valuable information about managing your time by learning how to balance your life, in their best seller First […]

Above and Beyond – Fall 2005

What can you do to take your service level above and beyond your call of duty? If your corporate mission is “To Gain And Keep Satisfied Customers,” or some derivative thereof, ask yourself what you…

The Power of Purpose

Exactly 25 years ago an ordinary Canadian proved that extra-ordinary effort is possible even with a disease as debilitating as cancer. With pride, we remember our hero Terry Fox, who was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed and lost his right leg to Cancer. Shortly afterward, his decision to run across Canada was […]

So…You’ve Been Asked to be a Speaker?

Professionals, lecturers, and trainers are called upon to share their knowledge on different subjects to audiences at conferences, meetings, and seminars on a daily basis. Some deliver their content well while educating their audience, while others lack the pizzazz and ability to get their points across to ensure that learning has taken place. If you […]

Above & Beyond Our Call of Duty

If you were asked to provide an example of a general corporate mission statement, you would probably agree that an effective shared mission for any business is “To Gain and Keep Satisfied Customers”. The mission of an organization is created for those involved to have a common purpose. Mission statements are then oriented throughout the […]

‘Spring Clean’ Your Life

Kybosh the “Have Tos” – We carry with us a long list of things that we feel we ‘have to’ do rather than ‘want to’ do, making us perceive them as negative. Negative self-talk drains our energy. I believe that the only thing in life that we ‘have to’ do is die – the rest […]

The Character Ethic

Are you noticing an increased rate of conflict, turmoil and relationship breakdown in your environment? As a trainer, speaker, and coach, I always listen for potential topics of interest that appeal to real life and current issues. Recently, the topics of conflict and relationship breakdown have seemed to be up front and center across many […]

Give a Great Presentation

Whether you’re being asked to stand and say a few words impromptu, or whether you are a polished speaker with experience, you will succeed if: You know your subject well; and  You consider your talk (speech or presentation) something that you are giving as a gift to your audience. Nervousness is the #1 reason that […]

Reflections for a New Year

As the calendar year turns we have a year’s worth of accomplishments to recognize, and a new year to look forward to. What a powerful time it can be to reflect. A review of where we’ve been and a clear understanding of where we are going give us momentum and courage to establish what we […]

Economy = Contribution

One of the most powerful messages that I have heard this year is “Economy Equals Contribution”. What does that mean? When we consider our personal ‘economy‘, we can include the flow of all things toward us, including the good things and the bad. For example, let’s focus on the good. Love, money, happiness, peace, respect, […]