Workplace Conflict Resolution

We specialize in workplace conflict resolution and relationship management, Ontario and beyond.  Transformative mediation, seminars, workplace learning circles and life coaching help organizations restore their culture to productivity, peace and profitability.

The mediation and transformational seminars, designed and facilitated, call upon individuals to take risks while we provide genuine human support to assist with the transformation process. The process unfolds and develops in unique ways with each individual and or group, involving awareness and expression of the challenges that are deep within ourselves which prevent us from connecting with people, including aspects of ourselves that are difficult to accept.

Penny Tremblay delivers these services.

Penny has mediated/facilitated many situations for the Federal and Provincial Governments Departments, not-for-profit organizations, Aboriginal communities, and Private Corporations.

Cases have involved working towards resolution with victims and offenders, unions and management, human rights complainants, federal and provincial organizations, teachers and students, health care staff and management, family and Aboriginal community members; each case varying in size and posing specific, and unique challenges.

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Our mediation process includes:

  • Reaching an agreement to mediate
  • Establishing parties’ responsibilities for decisions
  • Supporting each party’s autonomy while encouraging mutuality
  • Understanding each party’s point of view while remaining neutral
  • Dealing with conflict with effective communication skills
  • Using insight skills to create breakthroughs
  • Integrating the law where appropriate
  • Developing options that address differing needs and interests
  • Building an agreement between the parties
  • Recommending actions for moving forward

Our mediation and ADR services are cost effective and make difficult situations better, used alternatively to formal grievance processes or  mainstream legal systems. Mediation encourages every individual to be heard, relationships to be strengthened, and communities to grow.

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