“I knew our industry and group were not going to be a “typical” template. Penny’s instincts and intuition created a safe, loving environment that words cannot describe. The value of our 2 days together was an investment that I believe will have a return in all areas of our work and family life.” Terri McGregor, Owner, Trapper City Paving Ltd.

“Thank you so much for your presentation, you are amazing and I truly enjoyed what you shared with us.So many people in our organization are referencing back to your comments and I know you had an impact with many”.   Kcristal Spiess, Manager Ontario Early Years Centre – Nipissing

The Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce has had the pleasure of working with Penny over the past couple of years. We have always found her presentations to be well executed, informative and most of all relevant to business owners. We would highly recommend Penny and look forward to our continuing partnerships”. – Perry S. Harris, CEO

“I want to thank you and congratulate you on such a great speech. I am in my 33rd year with the school board and I have been to numerous workshops and seminars and I have listened to what seems like hundreds of presenters and I would have to say that you would have to be one of the best that we’ve been subjected to. When you brought up the story about Mr. Temelini it seemed to have stuck a nerve with our staff. Then you took it a step further and thanked us for being who we are and what we do , it was the icing on the cake. I don’t know if you noticed from the stage but from the crowd’s standpoint it was as if you were talking about us ( personally ) ; you could probably have heard a pin drop after you thanked us. It was very emotional. Thanks again.” – Norm Groulx – Rainbow District School Board

During the last 20 years I have had the honor of sharing the platform with Jack Canfield, John Gray, Dr. Phil, Les Brown and Bob Proctor.Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with Penny Tremblay. I was blown away at her ability to connect with the audience, make them laugh and have them pay attention to her every word. Penny’s “presence” on stage is enrolling and her preparation is incomparable. She is fast becoming one of Canada’s treasured resources on Workplace Relations. I am proud to recommend Penny as a colleague.” – Barry Spilchuk, Founder – You’re My Hero® Books, Coauthor – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“Penny, Thank you so much for the outstanding keynote speech last evening. You certainly had an understanding of who we are and what we need and fashioned your workplace and relationship presentation directly to our team. It was amazing how many times, after you left, one of the Warriors or Board members referred to their WHY. You have inspired us to peel back the layers and discover the big picture of what is involved in being a Warrior that transcends beyond dragon boat racing.”- Mary Willard, Warriors of Hope Annual General Meeting

“You can tell that “Give and Be Rich” is a topic that Penny is passionate about and is close to her heart. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak very eloquently about something we all know, but don’t always remember. After listening to her I came away with a deeper appreciation of how I can reach greater fulfillment in my life!” – Lauri Petz, Regional Vice President, RBC Royal Bank

“Penny Tremblay is smart, energetic and just plain motivating. The training she provided to our staff was of tremendous value to our organization. It provided our team with tools to help them excel at their jobs for the short and long term. She did it with a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity. If you are looking for training, Penny Tremblay is a must for your company.” – Abbas Homayed – General Manager, Laurentian Publishing, Ontario

“Penny held our attention for the whole session and kept this exciting and fresh” – Brendan Goff – President, SLC Kingston, Ontario

“I heard great feedback about your presentation last night, the time frame and how you addressed the topics, I have already heard from some of the staff that used the sandwich technique already” – Tiffany Whiting, Skin Medispa, Ontario

“Absolutely phenomenal speaker.  Very motivational and  informative. Material covered was very useful. Very knowledgeable.” – L. Lefley – Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough

“Penny is an amazing presenter. She is gifted with the ability to work with a diverse group to foster trust, and open minds to new ideas.” – Jenn Galan – YEP Coordinator, NECO, North Bay

“Penny Tremblay is one of the most empowering, enthusiastic speakers I have had the pleasure to learn from. I will never forget her energy or the skill she brings to her workshops and most of all what she taught me.” – T. Albers – Child Nutritionist, Little Current

“Penny’s energetic and hands-on approach provided an ideal opportunity for our region’s business clients to learn and develop their skills in the areas of leadership & communication.” – Karen Jones – Manager, The Business Centre-Nipissing Parry Sound

“I feel that the information was very informative and presented well with a chance to absorb it by role playing and active participation” – Laura Armstrong – Student, CTS Career College

“Excellent resource and effective information for all sizes of business and individual professional betterment. Bravo!”  – An attendee to the training luncheon hosted by RBC Royal Bank and The Business Centre

“Enjoyable – positive and dynamic”

“(Penny is) very natural – at ease with her topics and knowledgeable”

“The objectives were neat and fun! You are a true professional.”

“Very dynamic and down to earth.”

– Attendees to the Wikwemikong Board of Education conference

“A fun and creative approach to learning new concepts.” – Melissa – Marketing Manager, Northern Life Laurentian Publishing, Sudbury

I knew from my first time that I spoke to Penny by phone that the Administration group would be very happy to have her to do an Educational Seminar. Her views were so positive and enthusiastic and I felt a connection with her immediately. After meeting with Penny and spending the day with her at this education seminar I felt inspired to make a change at home and at work. The world would be a much happier place with more people like Penny. Thanks for such a great day! – Tammy Lorette

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Penny speak. She is energetic, has an excellent sense of humor and kept my attention the whole time. I found it a treat when she did not use a PowerPoint but spoke from the heart and used real life example. I would recommend her to other businesses and organizations. – Pam Lennies

“It was nice to be able to have you come in and build on team work and motivation for the staff and worked really well to strengthen the staff here. “ – Tiffany Whiting, Spa Supervisor Skin Medispa

Liked the balance of lecture, activities, handouts – very motivational! I had a very negative attitude coming in!!! Work related but your talk helped me look at the positive side, it was like your talk was YES directed to me today! Thank you –  Timiskaming Health Unit

Penny Tremblay is a brilliant and talented team motivator. The training she provided to my staff was incredibly valuable , and has helped my staff focus on their work objectives. She provides insight into dysfunctional work habits, and has enabled my staff to really excel ! She inspires people to be the best that they can be! She does this all with enthusiasm, energy and creativity. If you are looking for staff training, Penny Tremblay is a must for your company!!” – Dr. Michael Dagostino – DDS, Parma, OH

“Penny, your insight and understanding of personality traits and how to communicate with people is fantastic. You have given me the tools needed to be a better listener and communicator.”

“Your method of presentation and speech is encouraging. I really enjoyed it and feel that myself and everyone present have all learned much from you. Thanks Penny!”  – Attendees to the Ontario College Student Alliance training session

I did feel that this was the right road to take with our employee and you and your program have paid off. I have seen positive changes and she now knows how to self correct her behaviour when she gets into a slump so that is exactly what we were going for.  She is now much calmer at work and seems to have realized that she needs to put effort into her professional life to get something out of it. I won’t hesitate to call you if we require your assistance or if as an office we could plan a day where you do a refresher for all of us. Thanks again. – Stephanie

“Penny’s coaching and mentoring has enabled me to manage my time more efficiently, and to effectively network and market the services I offer. Those skills have ultimately led to a much more positive outlook and return on my business. Thanks so much Penny for being a major contributor to my success.” – Cyrstal Kauffman, Owner BioPed

“Over the past 8 years Penny’s help and encouragement has benefited me both professionally and personally. Her constant encouragement and wisdom has enabled me to become the person I have always wanted to be. Her coaching and training skills were and still are in my opinion of great value to anyone in any position.” – Micheline Paquette – Entrepreneur, Brampton

“With Penny’s help, I realized that I allowed people to“steal” my time all day long. A few helpful time management suggestions turned my stressful job into a well-oiled machine. One day with Penny changed my perspective dramatically! I now realize that my time is a very valuable commodity and shouldn?t be wasted.” – Monica Martin, Rondeau Seminars, London

“Miigwetch (Thank You) to you Penny with all help you provided for me and the skills I’ve learned throughout the years. I’m using the skills with my business as a Crafts Person.” – G. Manitowabi – Entrepreneur & Court Worker, Ontario

“Penny provided exceptional training to our office staff that inspired and energized my team. She worked on personalizing the sessions and was flexible to work on our complex scheduling needs. She held a very high level of integrity with regards to the quality of product she provided and even returned to offer an additional session when several staff missed out due to a scheduling conflict. She is sincere, hard working and provides an excellent experience. I highly recommend you use her for your next staff training session, she was fantastic.”  – Jeff Sampson – Area Manager, Bayshore Home Health.