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Expert Interview – Recruit, Coach and Inspire Millennials

In this day and age, it is imperative that we change our thought process on millennials and what is expected in the workplace. I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ken Gervais, Sales Manager, Staples North Bay. In this informative interview, you will hear some great ideas on how to keep your millennial employees engaged […]

Engage and Retain Millennials (Employees)

Having just come off Small business week, I’ve heard from many employers that their biggest struggle is finding skilled people, motivated people and people who want to stick around. In the human resources industry, Millennials In The Workplace has been the common theme of training and education to engage and retain them … as they’re now the largest population in the workforce this year. Click […]

Success is Posture – Posture is Success

Our posture is critical to success. I’m not talking about shoulders back, chin up so much as posturing ourselves as confident, influential people who stand up for what they really believe. In my part-time direct sales business, the word ‘posture’ is used referring to how we present ourselves and our offering in a very confident […]

Fishing Close To Bottom

Like the lakebed, the workplace environment is rich with obstacles to get snagged on but it’s much more lucrative in these zones rather than the easy ones. It just takes more patience, communication and teamwork to play at that depth.