Build Productive, Peaceful and Profitable
Relationships at Work


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Play Nice in the Sandbox

Maximize Team Productivity, Performance and Profitability!

If you didn’t have to spend time managing people and putting out fires, you’d have more time and money to grow your business.

  • Be the influence people want to follow
  • Stop managing and start leading
  • Restore conflict to peace and productivity
  • Engage full potential in team members
  • Gain and keep satisfied customers

Bring this interactive, fun and engaging system to your conference or workplace and create a positive corporate culture with long term loyalty.

“Penny’s engaging style is authentic, interactive, and inspiring. Her workshops move from true human emotion to hilarious on a journey of self-awareness and the power of what is possible.”
Susan Thomas, Seneca College

“Personal, intimate and genuine in your style.  You’ve been perfect for our First Nations People. You have left a lasting impression. Your mentors and teachers have nothing on you…..your style is infectious and unique unto you!”
John Mattson, Alderville First Nation

“Penny’s gifts are deep insight and practical guidance. She is able to nudge participants toward self-awareness by sharing her insights in a language and gentleness that makes difficult truth easier for individuals to understand, accept and address. She models active listening with a non-judgmental approach, teaching by example how to have difficult conversations in a respectful and productive way.”
S. Chace, Legal Director, Ministry of the Attorney General

“I had two sessions with Penny. All in all very fruitful and instructive. Great initiative,and great consultant choice. We really went through a lot of stuff, and I have to say it was the best meeting of this kind I have ever had over my career.”
F. Charette, Normet Canada Inc.

“Penny brings intelligence, compassion and a genuine openness that leads others to respond in kind. She’s a natural relationship builder, and engenders trust quickly; critical skills for workplace restoration. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Penny and grateful for the transformation that she has helped us achieve in the culture of our office.”  
S. Chace, Legal Director, Ministry of the Attorney General


Highly entertaining, interactive education with long lasting impact on profitability through business relationships.


Maximize productivity and performance with programs to build peaceful and profitable relationships at work.

Conflict Resolution

Defuse conflict effectively and move your team from disconnect to peace, harmony and profitability.

Penny’s best selling book, Give and Be Rich will help you have it all – here and now!

The key to riches and self-fulfillment lies in giving what you already have — first to yourself, then to others, and being fully receptive to receive the abundance that awaits you.

Be Prepared To:

  • Become rich now — in self-worth, relationships, health, time, spirit, and wealth
  • Discover and enhance your inner gifts
  • Determine what’s blocking your path to success and make subtle changes for instant results
  • Decide how much you’re willing to receive and create space for the inward flow of abundance

“Give and Be Rich will help you to shine in your own light. You get what you focus on and when you begin to focus on your gifts and how you can enrich the lives of others, anything is possible.”

Jordan Adler
Author of Beach Money™

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