Unconditional Giving

Don’t Put Conditions on Giving or Receiving

Much easier said than done!  We often think we are giving without conditions, but are we really?

For example, you give someone in your family a financial gift and after a couple of weeks you’re disappointed that they haven’t said ‘thank you’.  Another example is –  you volunteer for a certain company because you’re looking for a job with them, but they hire someone else.  These two issues are those of ethical values, and should be treated as such, but having the expectation of receiving something back as a result of giving your money or time is dysfunctional.  What it actually creates is more of the same.  Like attracts like.  It creates a return to you with an expectation attached.  Yuck!

Here is a question posed to Deepak Chopra by Vincent Molina that provides a beautiful explanation about the exact match where outflow attracts inflow.

posted by: Vincent Molina
Question: Hi Deepak,
In the seven spiritual laws of success, it is said that you must give to receive. If you give money (with joy and love), the universe will feedback at you more of it. Right ? But is it possible to transmute that energy? For example, giving “food”, and wishing consciously something else in return, like “money”. Is such a transmutation possible?

Giving is really just a flow of your loving self to others. When that happens, it sets up a flow of supportive energy back to you. When we say you must give to receive, it’s not that you give in order to get something. Rather it’s a way of explaining how the abundance of life flows. If you are not feeling that flow of abundance coming to you, then the first thing to ask is if you are creating a flow of giving from yourself. You don’t need to manipulate or control your giving. Simply give what you can with a full heart. And don’t try to control what you will be receiving either. Know that you will automatically receive exactly what you need. Love, Deepak

In summary, to really give unconditionally, make sure you fully detach from what you are giving.  Give it up fully, with love, and feel it disconnect from you energetically so it may go onto someone else and serve them in a beneficial way.  Give money without expectation for a ‘thank you’.  Give time without any strings attached.  Don’t be a ‘sticky giver’ where some energy attached to what you’ve given sticks with you to keep you connected with what has left your possession.

Give with a full heart, with no expected results.  Way easier said than done!  I wrote the book, Give and Be Rich – Tapping the Circle of Abundance, and even I catch myself giving with intentions of receiving back sometimes.

The same goes for receiving … but that’s a topic for another blog post.

Where have you been giving with expectations or attachment? and How can you fully detach from that which you give?

This food for thought is given fully to you, with an open heart and no expected return.


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