Do You Give & Receive the Gifts that Matter Most?

When I stop to really think about the gifts that mean the most to people, I think of the gifts of connection, wisdom, acceptance, understanding, compassion and love.  For example, when we believe in someone, see them for who they are, and understand them to a point of feeling compassion and unconditional love we are truly giving them the gift of our love.  That is the gift that people seek beneath the materialism of good gestures and presents at this time and any time of year: to be loved, noticed, heard, understood, and felt.

Are you able to truly receive the gifts that other people bring to you, or are you too busy finding their short falls and what they are not giving to you?

Be present with people this year, rather than just giving presents (gifts).  Read my December article, Presence or Presents to find out how.

Be blessed this Holiday season, and treasure the gifts that matter most.