Set Boundaries for Yourself and Others

Are you frustrated about other people not living up to your expectations?  Let’s take that thought of everyone else being the problem, and turn it inward.  Are you frustrated about not living up to your expectations?  This is a common issue that people want resolved.  Start by shifting yourself, and watch others magically fall into line.

Let’s start with boundaries.  For the next few days, observe your compliance to boundaries?

For example, are you wishy-washy when it comes to making decisions or following rules?   When you say ‘no’, does it mean no? or does it mean maybe, we’ll see how I feel at the time?  Do you abide by the speed limit, stop signs and distracted driving laws?  What about time boundaries? Are you consistently late?  Do time boundaries hold firm with you or are they loose?  Does your time-management get away from you often?

After observing your behavior toward how you obey boundaries you will see where the slack is.  Your non-compliance is bothering you, which is why you are seeing examples of it in other people.  Also, those you lead are being improperly influenced by your lack of setting and maintaining firm boundaries.

There are times that we need to be flexible, and times when we need to be firm.  Safety requires tight boundaries, where dealing with the emotions of people could require us to be more flexible.

A perfectly tuned instrument makes beautiful music because it is not too tight and not too loose.  So too can you live with better harmony with a firm but fair balance using boundaries to guide you more beautifully toward your highest self-expectations.

When others see you respecting yourself with boundaries, they instinctively respect you as well. Read my article this month, Set Boundaries and Be Rich.