The Riches of Authenticity

“I believe that communication is the most important leadership skill that one can possess for success in business,” I shared with Robin, the CEO of a successful Canadian-wide franchise.  Robin has experience working in many different companies and countries around the world.

I asked him, “In your opinion, what is the most important leadership quality?”

“Authenticity,” he said.

“Authentic leaders create environments where exceptional performance is nurtured through honest, intelligent and sincere communications.  The very best in people is brought out not through fear of consequences but through a desire to achieve.  This is best accomplished, in my experience, where the leadership agenda is all about engaging with genuine candor.  It’s pretty simple really.  Our goal as leaders is to get talented people totally focused on the work at hand and not waste time with the distractions of politics and  implied messages.  Once leadership authenticity takes root, people stop looking over their shoulder and become energized around moving the business forwards – not looking backwards.”

Authenticity is paramount in personal and professional leadership, and in order to exercise it, communication skills are key.  I learned a deeper lesson in leadership from Robin, and I am grateful to pass it onto you.

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