Cooperation vs. Competition

Here is another excerpt from my new book, I Give and Grow Rich, An Inspiring Guide to Circulating Abundant Wealth.

Cooperation vs. Competition

People in the workplace environment don’t always want to share their knowledge since they feel threatened. They feel that knowledge is power, and that they become more powerful by withholding all of their knowledge.

Nothing could be more detrimental to one’s career.

Knowledge is not meant to be hoarded. Those that do hoard do so under the false pretense that it makes them a better leader, but in reality, they are actually demonstrating a lack, limitation, and scarcity mentality, based on their fear that there is not enough knowledge for everyone.

How powerful will you be when you can share your information to build other leaders around you?

How important will you be to your organization when you can coach people toward better skills and influence and inspire them to perform to the best of their abilities?

People are often stuck in dead-end career positions because of their lack of ability to lead others.

Don’t hold back or keep secrets that could help someone else. You have experience that you can offer to others. Teach it to them. You have resources that others can use; pass on that knowledge so others can benefit.

Be the company’s biggest cheerleader, encouraging and empowering people to grow. When one person wins, we all do.

Always focus on cooperation versus competition in the workplace and beyond.


Cooperation like love and friendship is something you get by giving. ~Napolean Hill