Optimistic in Turbulent Times

One common denominator that I feel anyone needs despite their status of security in this economic time is OPTIMISM.  In the workplace there are many changes that can leave us feeling apprehensive.  Times change, people change, positions change, downsizing occurs, coworkers leave, people lose their jobs or their health; yet the only thing consistent besides change is the fact that we have the ability to choose our response.  Optimism is key in relationship strategies within the office.  Showing up for your day with a belief that opportunities for great things are everywhere will give your corporate culture or your energy level a huge boost.

During tough times, one of my favourite mantra’s is “everything works out more perfectly than I could have imagined”.  It works like magic for me when I am feeling doubtful.

Here is a video clip that demonstrates your personal weather system, which like optimism, is contagious.

Make it a great May!

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