Business Starts Off On The Right Foot

I am so pround of young North Bay Entrepreneur, Krystal Kauffman (nee Roy) who has recently been awarded 2009 Ontario Best Business, by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. National Post coverage of this honourable award ceremony can be found here.

All business start ups under CYBF are teamed up with mentors. I have been the official Mentor for Crystal for over 2 years now, and have seen her transition from opening the BioPed clinic at the bottom of Airport Road in North Bay, to its success, and the opening of three satelitte offices to serve surrounding areas.

Any business owner, or employee can benefit from having a Mentor. Mentors are people who have already succeeded at something that you want to accomplish, therefore, can take you to those heights quicker.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business, just getting started or getting your existing business or performance on track for greater success, consider asking someone to mentor you. The cost of paying someone for this kind of service can be far less costly than one business mistake, and the learning you’ll receive will be tailored very specifically to suit your growing business needs. Start or re-start your business on the right foot, teamed up with an expert.